Poster on Phospholamban Pentamers at Biophysical Society Annual Meeting 2021

Although pretty expensive for a virtual meeting, I’m looking forward to many exciting talks at the 65th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society! Luckily I still have some “travel money” for conferences on my BHF grant and since it’s quite unlikely due to the coronavirus pandemic that I’ll have any chance of attending a non-virtual conference during the rest of my PhD, I decided to spend it on the BPS2021!

As it happens I’ll also be presenting a poster about phospholamban pentamers – do let me know if you fancy a chat! 🙂

Link to the poster:

Presenting times: Tuesday Feb 23, 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM GMT, (12:00 PM – 13:30 PM USA Eastern)

The poster is about about a mathematical model of the phospholamban network (a submodule of the beta-adrenergic signaling cascade in heart muscle cells) which I developed in the last two years. The simulations and the in vitro experiments nicely confirm some of the general predictions from my recent JTB paper.

Based on the phospholamban model I proposed a novel signaling function for phospholamban pentamers: molecular noise-filtering! Excitingly, the model could offer novel insights into the pathophysiology and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias in phospholamban R14del patients.

The paper on this project is currently under review but already available as preprint on bioRxiv.

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